It’s all about the BIRDs, – but I sometimes get asked about “the person behind the camera” so therefore – here is a little bio!

I am a Danish bird photographer born in ‘66. Since I got my first camera as a teenager, I have been carrying a camera along on my birding trips. Most of the photos from the first many years, function primarily as a reminder from nice birding trips. In 2002 I switched to Canon digital gear and instantly the photos became worth keeping. Since then I have been a loyal Canon-shooter, currently shooting with Canon R3 and R5.

My motives are limited to birds, and the few larger animals I meet on my way. All birds fascinate me, but I have a love for shorebirds in particular. I see bird photography as a way of documenting the birds’ life, more than an art form. Therefore I strive with my photos, to show bird behaviour and in particular I strive to take action photos.

I am a stock photographer and try to take images of as many species/subspecies as possible. My main working area is Scandinavia – and I’m only missing 3 of the breeding species in that area (Manx Shearwater, Quail and Barn Owl). I also often travel to other countries in Europe and Asia.

I have lived several years of my life in the USA, Canada, and Mexico, and therefore often travel back to North America to improve on my photos from when I lived there. 

 I have served a handful of years on the board of the Association of Danish Nature Photographers (NFD), and have also been judging in nature-photo competitions.

I am educated from Copenhagen Business School and after many years in the financial sector, I am now a professor in finance.

If you wish to purchase some of my images, please contact me at

My images are also sold through AGAMI Picture Library